About Us

When we opened our doors in 1978 the world was a completely different place. There were no computers, except for the giant ones major corporations were beginning to use. There was no internet. There weren't even fax machines yet.  Technology was not as big a part of our lives as it is today. The same was true for printing. Offset printing was taking hold, replacing letterpress which had been around since Ben Franklin. Offset provided the ability to print full-color images on a wide range of paper surfaces. This required skilled craftspeople to deliver precise results every step of the process.

Then, and now, the craftspeople at Sun Press are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and service. We prove this every day with each successful project and each happy customer.

Things have changed and yet, much is still the same. While we rely a lot more on computers and pushing buttons, it still comes down to capable people. Craftspeople with an intricate understanding of all processes, old and new.

"These guys are excellent! They took the time to explain things to me. Their work was phenomenal. Their printers did an amazing job. They pointed out pixels and asked me if I had a better image to work with. I had no idea my file had been damaged and my images were not sharp! When I gave them a better copy, they cheerfully printed another proof."

- Audrey T